Dongfang Hour

The only English podcast discussing Chinese aerospace and technology

Welcome to the Dongfang Hour Podcast

Dongfang Hour (literally “Eastern Hour”), is a podcast that dives into the fast-evolving Chinese aerospace and technology sectors. As the world’s second-largest economy, China is becoming an increasingly important and relevant topic, yet quality information about certain sectors remains difficult to find in Chinese, and is often nonexistent in English.

Today, China has one of the world’s fastest-growing space industries, with a highly ambitious space program and a burgeoning NewSpace ecosystem. With phrases like “commercial” and “private funding” having very different, and sometimes unclear definitions, with new companies being founded every month, and with China’s international ambitions playing out in space, there are many angles from which to discuss this out of this world industry.

The hosts of Dongfang Hour, Blaine Curcio and Jean Deville, are a consultant/entrepreneur and an aerospace engineer, both based in China. Speaking no less than 5 languages between the two of them, for the benefit of our much appreciated listeners, we will limit discussion to English with some Chinese phrases when necessary. In a stand-alone format or with exceptional and always friendly guests, the Dongfang Hour hopes to bring entertaining yet resourceful, and balanced yet pointed insights from within the Chinese ecosystem.

What’s in the name?

Dongfang Hour not only means “Eastern Hour”, but it also forms the acronym “DFH”. DFH is significant in China for the meaning “Dongfanghong” (东方红,lit. The East is Red). In addition to being the name of China’s first satellite (launched in 1970), Dongfanghong is the name of the series of satellite busses developed by, well, Aerospace Dongfanghong, a major subsidiary of CAST.

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