Who We Are

Dongfang Hour is the one and only YouTube channel & website focusing exclusively on the Chinese space sector. With regular news updates, deep dives, live streams and the occasional interview, Dongfang Hour brings a balanced, holistic analysis with no agenda, no political spin, and a whole lot of science, technology, and economics.

Jean Deville

Co-Founder, Resident Rocket Scientist & Sinophile

Jean has been covering the Chinese space industry for the past 5 years. Based in Paris, Jean has spent over 12 years in Mainland China and Taiwan, and speaks fluent mandarin. With a background in aerospace engineering, Jean brings a technical note to Dongfang Hour content. He is also an astrophotography nut.

Blaine Curcio

Co-Founder, Resident Economist & Strategist

Based in Hong Kong, Blaine is a consultant specializing in the space and satcom industry, with a focus on China. His background is primarily international business, finance, and economics. He is a fan of hot pot, and can proudly name all Chinese provinces and provincial capitals (having traveled to a large number of them).