Dongfang Hour

Informing on Chinese space, from Chinese sources

The Intersection of Space and China

Few industries are as complex as space, and few markets are as complex as China. Both are becoming more important topics for stakeholders around the world. Sitting at the intersection of these two megatrends, the Dongfang Hour brings balanced, holistic analysis through a variety of media, including video and podcast, feature articles, and a weekly newsletter. For anyone interested in a clearer understanding of space and China, we aim to be the source of clarity.

Video and Podcast Content

We are the first and only YouTube channel and podcast focused on the Chinese space sector. With weekly news updates, ~monthly deep-dives, and occasional long-form interviews, Dongfang Hour produces a wealth of information on the Chinese space sector, with no agenda, no political spin, and a whole lot of science, technology, and economics.

Written Analysis

Pulling together information from a variety of sources, Dongfang Hour writes in-depth, insightful analysis on contemporary issues in the Chinese space sector, and economy more broadly. Drawing on local news combined with local insights, we strive to get to the bottom of stories, connecting dots that others may miss.


Dongfang Hour's summary of the week, with references to major events and stories from the Chinese space sector. Sent to your inbox every Monday at 6 pm Beijing time.

Chinese Sources

We provide as many original, Chinese-language sources as possible. In an age where most people can use Google Translate, and where original sources are increasingly important, we want to empower our followers to dig deeper for themselves, into a variety of local sources. As long-time China watchers, we understand that when learning about topics related to China, finding adequate sources is half the battle. We are doing the nitty-gritty work, collating local sources and providing them in a clear and systematic way.