Deep Dive – The Most Funky Space Projects in China

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Good day and welcome to episode 5 of the Dongfang Hour, the China Aerospace and Tech Podcast. Today we are discussing China’s funky space industry. Before going into our list of funky projects, we will have two definitions of “funky” in this episode:

  • Plain old funky. This refers to projects that are funky in every sense of the word–funky technologies, business models, etc. This includes space planes, solar harvesting, and electromagnetic rockets.
  • Funky in an “only in China” way. This refers to companies buying orbital slots as a way of moving money out of China, or online video giants that can justify buying their own EO satellite. 

Without further ado, the links to our list of funky projects:

Thanks again for listening, and we look forward to seeing you next time!

Dongfang Hour
Dongfang Hour
Dongfang Hour is the only independent YouTube channel focusing exclusively on the Chinese space sector. Articles are written by Jean Deville or Blaine Curcio.

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